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CB Technology Ltd. draws on an extensive knowledge base of thermoplastic engineering to solve our clients difficult application problems. Devlon™ performs in the toughest conditions possible with outstanding results. We have extensive experience in the following sectors: Offshore, Rail, Valve Seats, Heavy Equipment and Industrial applications.

Advantage Devlon

Devlon™ is one of the most durable and hardest wearing thermoplastics available. Devlon™ material is produced by monomer casting which provides a comprehensive range of properties including wear resistance, impact strength, temperature rating, and low moisture absorption. These properties are linked to the molecular weight; the higher the value, the greater the toughness and wear resistance of the material.

Lighter- 1/6th the weight of bronze
Elastic- resistant to shock loading
Low friction
Resistant to wear and abrasion
Does not support marine growth
Zero corrosion
Cost effective

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