Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) For Submarine Rescue System (SRS)

The Project

Engineer and supply specified components for a LARS.  The SRS & LARS provide rapid response capability for rescue of crew members from a submarine that is disabled and trapped on the sea floor. Systems must be compact, modular and light weight for containerized air shipments which are deployed worldwide.

The Challenge

Design a multitude of components for the LARS to U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and ABS specifications. LARS components that CB Technology was instrumental in providing include:

Overboard power sheave (72” od)

Alleviator sheave (72” od x)

Turning, deflector and heave compensation sheaves

Gears, bushings, rollers, blocks and surrogate latching mechanism

The Solution

Produce two Devlon T-100 casting 76” OD. Each casting weighted approximately 1 ton.  Castings were used to produce the Overboard power and Alleviator sheaves. All finished Devlon sheaves weigh approximately 1/7th the weight of steel sheaves.

Supplied and completed testing of sheaves for heave compensation. The Pressurized Rescue Module System (PRMS) must be capable of operation in class four sea state. (moderate 2-4 meters)

Detailed review of all applications for loading, as safety factors were critical. Bushings had to be evaluated for running clearances and press fits. Applications were designed for a harsh sea environment where temperature, humidity and UV were key factors.

The SRS & LARS was delivered in 2007 and the Undersea Rescue Command (URC) and NAVSEA continues to operate the system that is instrumental to the safety of submariners.

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