Locomotive Brake, Polymer Bushing Test

The Project

C.B. Technology collaborated with a global manufacturer of locomotives and a US Class 1 Railroad. The project goal was to test Devlon™ Polymer brake rigging bushings in real life operation.

The Challenge

Test polymer brake bushings which were required to operate maintenance free for a 10-year period which is the expected overhaul cycle of a Class 1 Locomotive.

The Solution

Provide and install several different bushing applications on five Class 1 Locomotive brake riggings.

Track locomotives for a period of 10 years of service.

At teardown, the trucks had over 1 million miles of service since the initial polymer bushing installation. The data and measurements taken are consistent with other tests …virtually no wear on the pins and bushings. The minimal wear conditions will result in longer life and less maintenance between brake rigging overhauls.

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