PMI Technology

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – Charles Colton

One key sign of a product’s success is the number of imitations it spawns – many of which are inferior low quality, low cost alternatives that may well have the same appearance as Devlon® thermoplastics but offer performance far below that which is safe or acceptable. To help protect our products from such imitations, we have recently launched a method of positive material identification (PMI) for Devlon® thermoplastics.  The properties of Devlon are not in any way altered or compromised by PMI technology.

PMI technology is a microscopic additive incorporated into the Devlon® material, which can be identified from the smallest sample of material, including fine shavings. The additive can also be detected in parts that may have been melted or burnt during use. Genuine Devlon can be identified quickly and easily by having a material sample analysed.

In safety-critical applications such as valves, it is vital that the material specified is the material used. Devlon V-API with PMI technology gives manufacturers and end users the peace of mind that they are using genuine Devlon® material.  This is particularly significant in an industry where increased occurrences of counterfeiting are an unfortunate and unwelcome reality.

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